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, and Welcome to Essex Island Marina!

We urge you to consider an invitation to visit our port-of-call because we ENJOY the opportunity to share your time on the water and we are DEDICATED to improving your boating experience. Please let us know how we are doing, and if there is anything that we can do for you!

The natural beauty of the rose-colored Lyme hills at sunset stimulates a closeness with nature. A walk at early morning often prompts the sighting of deer on the north end of the Island; mallards, wood ducks, blue herons, and cranes can often be spotted on one of the rewarding paths in the area as well. Rare ~ a river where so little industrialization characterizes the cruise upstream. The abundance that nature offers on the thirteen acres that our property represents is for you to absorb and treasure. A clean Island and a clean environment make the most of our Guest’s leisure time. By practicing and promoting sound habits, we intend to spread the contribution of a cleaner, safer river to everyone who traverses our port.

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       Our Address:
         Essex Island Marina
         11 Ferry Street
         Essex, CT 06426
         Phone: 860-767-1267
         Fax: 860-767-0075
         VHF Channel 09

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